WHO in talks with Saudi Arabia on delaying Hajj ritual due to pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) is talking with Saudi Arabia about delaying the Hajj ritual due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

World Health Organization revealed on Wed. that the body is in direct talks with Saudi Arabia to delay Hajj rituals and emphasized that if the Hajj pilgrimage is held, it should be supervised and monitored by the World Health Organization due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Head of WHO’s Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr. Dalia Samhouri said that the body will consult with Saudi Arabia on delaying this year’s Hajj ritual due to the outbreak of coronavirus and no decision has yet been decided in this respect.

Any decision for holding this year’s annual religious pilgrimage event in the world should be made under the supervision of the World Health Organization jointly by observing health protocols, she emphasized.

The announcement came at the condition that the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health revealed that 3,288 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in this country yesterday.

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