The “hacker” who hacked the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance is offering its data for sale for $400,000

Last week, the “hacker” who targeted the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance announced that the data he succeeded in obtaining after penetrating one of the ministry’s systems was being offered for sale.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported that the hackers set the required ransom amount at 15 bitcoins (about 400,000 US dollars), noting that they set a 7-day deadline if the ministry wanted to retrieve the data in exchange for paying the required ransom or selling it to whoever pays.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance said last week that it had been subjected to a hacking attempt via a virus, noting that “protection systems and procedures have been activated and the systems have been disengaged, and that the level of the hacking attempt is being evaluated.”

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