Iraqi PM addresses negligence and promises care for Al-Hamdaniyah incident victims

The Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani has made a statement regarding the tragic Al-Hamdaniyah incident, expressing his concern over “negligence, irresponsibility, and a lack of accountability” that contributed to the catastrophe.

The Prime Minister’s remarks were delivered during his visit to the monastery of Mar Behnām and Mart Sārah in Al-Hamdaniya District (Baghdida) within the Nineveh Governorate. During his visit, he extended condolences to the families affected by the tragic accident.

“This painful incident has deeply impacted all Iraqis, and we witness signs of sorrow and condolences spreading across our nation, reflecting our unity, cooperation, and solidarity,” Al-Sudani stated.

“Negligence, carelessness, and a lack of responsibility are evident, and our government must confront this significant shortcoming. Immediately following the incident, I instructed the Ministers of Interior and Health to be present, investigate the circumstances, oversee the treatment of the injured, and aid the victims’ families. We have maintained continuous communication with the Governor of Nineveh.”

Al-Sudani emphasized that the results of investigations would identify those who were negligent, stating, “It is already clear who is responsible for constructing a building without adhering to safety standards. Legally, negligence is associated with constructing a non-compliant building, and the administrative unit’s leader and the relevant departments were expected to take action.”

He further affirmed, “There will be no tolerance for negligence by any government employee, as this is our government’s policy.” Al-Sudani stressed the necessity of accountability under the law for those found negligent.

Al-Sudani personally inspected the injured individuals at Al-Jumhuri and Al-Hamdaniya hospitals and directed the Ministry of Health and other responsible authorities to provide comprehensive medical treatment. He announced that injured victims would be transferred abroad for treatment based on medical assessments issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Prime Minister praised the exceptional efforts of the Ministry of Health staff in providing medical services and care to the injured.

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