On the anniversary of the birth of the greatest Prophet Muhammad, Iraqi premier pledges decent living for all Iraqis (Pictures)

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani vowed to ensure a decent life for every Iraqi citizen in a ceremony commemorating the Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday on Tuesday.

He urged religious leaders and intellectuals to promote unity and renounce sectarian and racial discord.

The Prime Minister’s office in a statement earlier today said that al-Sudani attended a ceremony organized by the Sunni Endowment Diwan to commemorate the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

Al-Sudani called for embodying the humanitarian goals and values espoused by the Prophet’s mission, advocating for their application across various spheres of public service and work.

“If we intend to follow the honorable path of our Prophet, it necessitates shouldering the responsibility and trust in establishing justice, and providing equal opportunities for all citizens,” said al-Sudani.

The prime minister accused “foreign agendas” that have infiltrated the nation of stirring sectarian discord and chaos and lauded Iraqis for navigating the tumultuous days that followed the 2003 change with unity and solidarity.

He recalled the horrific era when terrorist gangs swept governorates in Northern and Western Iraq, committing heinous crimes and subjecting people to brutal atrocities.

Al-Sudani underscored the collective stand of Iraqis of all religions, sects, and ethnicities to liberate land and humanity, mingling their pure blood in one of history’s most significant sagas. He urged collective responsibility to sustain this societal unity and brotherhood.

The Prime Minister reassured the government’s commitment to safeguarding the security and dignity of all Iraqis, irrespective of their affiliations, and to thwart efforts by divisive elements sowing seeds of discord among the people.

Al-Sudani urged “the religious figures and intellectuals to embrace a discourse of unity, devoid of the venom of sectarianism or abhorrent discrimination.”

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