China says ‘resolutely opposes’ UK spying allegations

China has rejected as “pure fabrication” allegations that an espionage suspect arrested in the United Kingdom was gathering information for Beijing. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning made the remarks during a press conference on Monday, following the arrest of a parliamentary researcher for spying at the weekend. “The so-called claim …

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UK families ‘desperate’ amid sharp rise in food prices

Rising food prices have forced low-income households in the United Kingdom to make “desperate choices” between keeping up their bills and putting food on the table, the UK-based consumer association ‘Which’ has warned. The cost of some basic food items such as cheese, butter and bread has soared by more …

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UK: High Street in London ‘on lockdown’ over riot fears

The UK police have been given special emergency powers to place London high street “on lockdown” for 48 hours over fears of mass looting allegedly inspired by a TikTok video. Shops and businesses in the south-east London borough were warned to prepare for possible social unrest as “gangs of youths” …

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