UNICEF – 333M children worldwide suffer from extreme poverty

An estimated 333 million children, one in six of the world’s child population, are grappling with extreme poverty, revealed a report jointly prepared by UNICEF and the World Bank.

UNICEF and the World Bank collaborated on a report titled “Global Trends in Child Monetary Poverty According to International Poverty Lines,” which was published on Wednesday.

The report brings to light that the number of children living on less than $2.15 a day has seen a notable decline, dropping from 383 million to 333 million, marking a 13% decrease from 2013 to 2022.

“A world where 333 million children live in extreme poverty – deprived not only of basic needs but also dignity, opportunity or hope – is simply intolerable,” said World Bank Global Director for Poverty and Equity Luis-Felipe Lopez-Calva.

Of significant concern is the finding that the Sub-Saharan Africa region bears the highest burden, with a staggering 40% of children living in extreme poverty. This figure has seen a substantial increase, climbing from 54.8% in 2013 to a disturbing 71.1% in 2022.

“Seven years ago, the world made a promise to end extreme child poverty by 2030. We have made progress, showing that with the right investments and will, there is a way to lift millions of children out of what is often a vicious cycle of poverty,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said in a statement.

“But compounding crises, from the impacts of COVID-19, conflict, climate change and economic shocks, have stalled progress, and left millions of children in extreme poverty,” Russell further stated.“We cannot fail these children now. Ending child poverty is a policy choice,” she underlined.

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