The Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Our relationship with Russia and America has become a force in the region.

Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said on Thursday that Iraq’s relations with Russia and Iran are not in conflict but are a matter of strength, pointing out that Russia played a major role in supporting Iraq during the liberation process.

“The minister of Foreign Ministry Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met today with the head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Russian Federal Council Constantine Kosakhov in Moscow,”

Al-Hakim welcomed according to the statement, “the activation of parliamentary visits between the two committees of foreign relations in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Federal Council of Russia,” calling for “the need to strengthen economic cooperation between Baghdad and Moscow.”

“Russia has been a supporter of Iraq during the liberation process,” he said, adding that “Iraq attaches great importance to neighboring countries, to be a point of convergence between countries, and is increasing investment in various sectors for the reconstruction of liberated cities.”

For his part, Kosajov said that “Russia supports Iraq in the post-urging, maintaining its unity and sovereignty, and we are ready to visit Iraq with a delegation from the Russian Federal Council,” stressing that “relations between the Iraqi parliament and the Federal Council of Russia is very important, Duo in this aspect”

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