In Video| Panic Grips Indian City as Leopard strays in and Mauls Three.

In Video| The city in the north Indian state of Punjab has some 800,000 inhabitants. The big cat was loose in the city for more than twelve hours before it was caught. Police inspector Jeevan Singh confirmed to Sputnik that the leopard was first sighted at 1.30 pm on Thursday and was caught on Friday at 12.30 am.

The industrial city of Jalandhar had quite a scare when a stray leopard entered into its limits, causing widespread fear-filled commotion and frenzy. According to Inspector Jeevan Singh of the Punjab Police, the leopard had mauled three people. There were no fatalities.

A video of the incident posted online by the Newsroom Post shows the feline mauling men in its bid to escape. According to forest officials, the animal strayed into the city from the neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh, making its way through fields and forests.

People ran helter-skelter to avoid coming in the way of the animal. The commotion made things difficult for the officials that were attempting to catch the feline.

The leopard was finally tranquilized after being cornered in a house and was put in a cage destined for Chhatbir Zoo in Punjab.

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