Iraq ask Germany to increase international support for Iraq

Minister of Planning Nuri al-Dulaimi discussed on Sunday with the German ambassador to Iraq increased international support for reconstruction projects.

“The Minister of Planning met at his office in Baghdad the German Ambassador to Iraq Cyril Nun and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, they discussed increasing international support for reconstruction and stability projects and contributing to sustainable development projects to support the private sector.

Al-Dulaimi called for “German expertise to contribute to investment projects, especially in the liberated areas that have been extensively destroyed in their infrastructure.”

“The importance of consolidating and strengthening efforts with the Iraqi government in all possible areas,” he said, calling for “the importance of establishing a German support group, which is the nucleus of an international group, working to support government work projects in various sectors and providing international advice to develop the work of the private sector.”

For his part, Ambassador Nun praised the “specific efforts of the Minister of Planning, in relation to joint work with foreign investments and providing facilities for them,” announcing the “upcoming visit to the German Minister of Economy of Iraq accompanied by a delegation of specialized businessmen

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