Donald Trump gets mocked on Twitter for autographing Bibles.

The US president visited an Alabama town devastated by a deadly tornado, where he paid his respects to those who died in the natural disaster, as well as… signed Bibles, delivering Twitter a conniption fit.

The president met with relatives of the storm victims, as hundreds of people congregated at a local Baptist church in hopes of shaking Trump’s hand, or even better, getting him to autograph their Bibles.

In fact, the Bible owners were apparently happy with their unique memorabilia after Trump signed a couple of them, but Twitter users had a slightly different take on the act.

“Donald Trump signing bibles is like Hannibal Lecter signing cookbooks,” joked filmmaker Adam Best.

Others expressed concern that the president might actually think that he penned the religious text.

Netizens also expressed frustration that Trump wasn’t being accused by Fox News and other news outlets of impropriety – even though similar behavior from a Democrat would have surely caused mass uproar.

“Trust me, if Obama had signed Bibles, the people at Fox News would’ve lost their minds,” wrote former Obama official Chris Lu.

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