PM Diab accuses Israel of violating Lebanon’s sovereignty

Lebanese PM Hassan Diab said on Tuesday that Israel had violated his country’s sovereignty with a “dangerous military escalation” along the border on Monday, and called for caution after a rise in tensions.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the country’s forces had thwarted an attempt by the Lebanese group Hezbollah to infiltrate the Lebanese frontier on Monday. Hezbollah denied this. Witnesses in Lebanon counted dozens of Israeli shells hitting the disputed Shebaa Farms area, Reuters reported.

Diab said on Twitter: “I call for caution in coming days because I fear the situation will deteriorate in light of heightened tensions on our border.” Israel was trying to “change the rules of engagement,” he added.

Israeli forces have been on alert along the northern border in anticipation of Hezbollah retaliation for the killing of one of its members a week ago in an alleged Israeli attack on the edge of Damascus, Syria.

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