Iraqi court sentences IS militant involved in Diyala bomb attack to death

An Iraqi court has sentenced an Islamic State militant to death by hanging over his involvement in a bomb attack that left scores of people dead and wounded in Diyala province.

“The Diyala Criminal Court issued its ruling after it was proven that the terrorist was behind the planting of an explosive charge in Hibhib district of Diyala, leaving several people dead and wounded,” Baghdad Today quoted the Supreme Judicial Council as saying in a statement on Wednesday.

“The court ruling was issued pursuant to article no. 4/1 of the anti-terrorism law,” the statement added.

Iraqi courts have sentenced many of Islamic State members, including a big number of female members, to death over joining the militant group.

The exact number of detained militants is still unknown, however, it’s estimated to be at thousands. It’s also unclear how many members are likely to face death sentences.

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