Baghdad, Tehran confer on regional developments, mutual ties

In a phone talk on Tuesday, Iraqi President Barham Salih and Advisor to Iran’s Leader Ali Akbar Velyati conferred on the latest regional developments and deepening of relations between the two countries.

In his conversation with Salih, Velayati referred to the positive measures of the President of Iraq, as well as his meetings with Iraqi officials and brothers, and hailed the positive view of high-ranking officials of the two countries regarding the development of relations.

“Iran and Iraq have many and deep similarities, and what happened during Saddam’s time is an exception in the common history of the two countries, which had nothing to do with the wishes of the two nations,” he said.

“Iraq and Iran are the two countries that experienced about 8 years of war with each other but after the war, they have treated each other with brotherhood and sincerity,” Velayati noted.

“The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has always underscored expansion of all-out ties with Iraq,” he said.

“One way to develop and deepen relationships is to strengthen scientific and educational interactions at higher levels,” Velayati said, voicing Iran’s readiness to establish universities in various areas of Iraq.

Salih, for his turn, asked Velayati to gave his best to the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, and welcomed the positive and optimist stance of the Islamic Republic towards Iraq.

The Iraqi President also expressed a tendency for the development of bilateral ties with Iran in different sectors.

President Salih invited Velati to pay a visit to Baghdad in near future.

“Iraq counts on communication, cooperation, interaction, assistance and fraternity of leadership, nation, and government of Iran,” he said.

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