Iraq to restore more than 17,000 artifacts: Minister of Culture

The spokesman of Ministers Council and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhim, announced that Iraq will restore tomorrow 17,000 antiquities from America and other countries while noting that Iraq is going on to recover the rest of the antiquities from the countries of the world.

Nadhim said that the return of Iraqi antiquities came as a result of long-term efforts to recover Iraq’s antiquities, not only with the United States but also in other countries in Europe and the Arab world.

He added, This operation is described as the largest recovery operation for Iraq’s antiquities, as 17,000 important antiquities will be recovered, which are part of Iraq’s heritage and are of great importance.

He pointed out that some antiquities are still in America, and we are working to recover it, noting that Iraq will witness a similar process soon to recover other antiquities.


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