Science & tech minister mocked for claiming Hubble was launched by Pakistan.

Pakistan’s minister for science and technology has been mocked on Twitter after claiming that it was Pakistani space agency SUPARCO, not NASA, that launched the iconic Hubble telescope.

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life but this particular gaffe from Fawad Chaudhry left many people open-mouthed and totally bewildered.

Speaking to the local television on Sunday Chaudhry described Hubble as “the world’s biggest telescope” which “was sent [into space] by SUPARCO… Then there are other satellites, and there are other [types of] technologies.”

The blooper seemed to amuse Twitter users as sarcastic responses poured in. One user noted that there is “no need to watch cartoons on Cartoon Network” as long as government ministers put on such a show.

“NASA is dead. Long live PTI,” another one tweeted poking fun at the Pakistani ruling party.

“Thank God he didn’t say that NASA is one of the projects of SUPARCO!!!” another tweet read.

One cheeky user jokingly suggested that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan should send the minister “into space as a reward” for his “discovery.”

Meanwhile, someone shared a link to NASA’s website with background information about the telescope, apparently hoping that the official could do better fact-checking in future.

Pakistan’s space program dates back to 1960s when the nation launched its first unmanned rocket. In 2018, Islamabad launched its two newest remote-sensing satellites from a Chinese space airfield.

NASA launched the Hubble telescope in 1990. During almost three decades in service, it captured a range of iconic images depicting objects in the solar system and distant galaxies alike.

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