Amazon down for thousands worldwide

An outage at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is causing cascading problems across the internet, with numerous websites displaying a “bad gateway” error. Downdetector shows problems started shortly after 8 am Pacific time.

There have been over 20,000 outage reports for the main Amazon site and 11,000 for AWS. The Downdetector heatmap shows the problem is most acute in the eastern US.

As a lot of web infrastructure uses AWS to operate, outages have been reported on other services, from the McDonald’s app and Disney+ streaming service to the payment network Venmo.

Dating app Tinder sports gambling app FanDuel, and Facebook are also showing spikes in outage reports.

By 8:26 am Pacific Time, Amazon said it had identified the cause of the outage as “API and console issues” in the eastern US region. The global console landing page is also located in the same region and was likewise affected. The company said it has “identified root cause” and was “actively working towards recovery.”

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