Joint Operations denies media claims regarding the existence of the international coalition forces

The Joint Operations Command announced on Friday, the departure of most of the combat forces of the international coalition from Iraq.

The leadership said in a statement followed by Al-Ghadeer, “The combat forces of the international coalition will leave Iraq completely before the end of this month, and we deny what was issued by some media outlets regarding the survival of these forces.”

The statement added, “It has been agreed between Iraq and the United States, according to the principles of the strategic dialogue and the outcomes of the recent technical teams’ meetings, to transfer members of the coalition with a combat role outside Iraq and to officially announce the end of combat missions, and members of the coalition will be present in Iraq to provide support, advice, and empowerment to the Iraqi security forces.”

“Most of these forces have already left, and the rest will be evacuated in the coming days, and there will be a group of advisers to replace the previous forces, in order to support our valiant security forces.

“The statement issued yesterday about the outcomes of the last round of the strategic dialogue that the presence and work of the advisors will be exclusively in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty and international laws and norms.”

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