Iraqi security forces arrest 18 wanted in Baghdad, including cases related to terrorism

The Security Media Cell (SMC) announced on Friday that Baghdad Operations had arrested (17) wanted persons, including two terrorists and drug dealers.

The SMC said in a statement, received by Al-Ghadeer, that “the security services and intelligence agencies continue their efforts to pursue terrorists, elements of organized crime, and those who tamper with societal peace, and in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Intelligence and Security Department, as our security forces in the Eleventh Infantry Division were able, after carrying out a number of search and inspection duties within its responsibility on the Rusafa side, which resulted in the arrest of (16) wanted persons according to various legal articles.”

He added, “Among the arrested are a person accused in accordance with the provisions of Article 1/4 of terrorism, and two accused of drug trafficking, who were seized with “two kilograms” of the narcotic crystal and its tools, an electronic scale and unlicensed weapons.”

The statement indicated that “a force from the Second Brigade, First Division, Federal Police managed to arrest a wanted suspect in accordance with the provisions of Article 1/4 of terrorism, after receiving information that he was within the brigade’s responsibility sector in eastern Baghdad.”

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