Palestinian teenager shot by Israeli forces in West Bank clashes as settlers block Ramallah road

In the latest incident of violence against Palestinians, Israeli forces have shot and injured a Palestinian teenage boy during clashes in the occupied West Bank, local media reports say.

Palestine’s official WAFA news agency identified the victim a 16-year-old Palestinian boy who was attacked by Israeli soldiers in Kufr Qaddoum area in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Sources and witnesses said that the teenager was shot in the chest with a rubber-coated steel bullet fired by the Israeli forces during clashes in the area.

Rights advocates say that Israeli forces have adopted a “shoot-to-kill” policy during clashes with Palestinians, even in clear cases where they could be captured.

Tel Aviv has been criticized for its extensive use of lethal force and extrajudicial killing of Palestinians who do not pose an immediate threat to its forces or to settlers.

Israeli troops have on numerous occasions been caught on camera, brutally murdering Palestinians, with the videos going viral online and sparking international condemnation.

Also earlier in the day, fierce clashes erupted after Israeli troops stormed a number of neighborhoods in Ramallah city of West Bank and the Jordan valley. There, Israeli army soldiers used tear gas canisters and stun grenades to disperse angry youth protesters

The Israeli soldiers also forced their way and broke into Palestinian houses during raids on villages around Ramallah and northern Jordan valley.

The Israeli military frequently carries out wide-ranging arrest campaigns across the West Bank under the pretext of searching for ‘wanted’ Palestinians.

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