Al-Amiri after Al-Hanana meeting: We will have a return to Najaf

The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance and the Secretary-General of the Badr Organization, Mr. Hadi Al-Amiri, confirmed on Wednesday, that Al-Hananah’s meeting with Muqtada Al-Sadr was positive and responsible.

Al-Amiri said in a brief statement, “The meeting was positive and responsible and based on the interest for a strong state and success in the next stage.”

The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance stated, “The search for guarantees of success in nation-building will be completed.”

And Al-Amiri added at the conclusion of his brief statement, “In the coming days, we will have a return to Najaf again, God willing.”

The meeting of the coordination framework delegation headed by Al-Amiri ended with Muqtada Al-Sadr, and the meeting included Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali and Faleh Al-Fayyad.

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