Coordination Framework appealed for the largest bloc with 88 MPs, MP says

 The Coordination Framework lodged a request for the largest bloc accreditations after assembling 88 MPs under their name, member of the Shiite Consortium’s bloc Ahmed al-Asadi said.

Al-Asadi told Shafaq News Agency, “we appealed for the largest bloc accreditations but approving it is a prerogative of the elected parliament speaker.”

“The bloc encompasses members of the Coordination Framework and independent MPs,” he said, “the session will remain ongoing until the Elderly Member returns. Appointing Khaled al-Darraji is illegal.”

Iraq’s parliament held its first session since October’s national election on Sunday but failed to elect a speaker, in what should have been the first step toward forming a new government.

The speaker selection process was disrupted as competing political blocs each claimed to hold a parliamentary majority. After heated debates and shouting among lawmakers, the temporary leader of the assembly, Mahmoud al-Mashahadani, decided to adjourn the session and it is not known when parliament will resume.

In a further complication, Mashahadani, who at 73 is the oldest member of parliament, was suddenly taken ill and transported to hospital by ambulance. A new temporary speaker will need to be appointed before parliament can resume, parliament’s media office said. It did not give further details about Mashahadani’s condition except to say that his blood pressure was being checked.

The lawmaker appeared to be in good condition, according to witnesses who later saw him there.

The chaotic meeting ushers in what is likely to be a lengthy period of political wrangling among rival groups to choose a new president and prime minister.

According to Iraq’s constitution, the largest bloc in Parliament has the right to choose the new prime minister. But as the meeting got underway Sunday, a coalition known as the Shiite Coordination Framework, an alliance of Shiite factions which object to the vote results, submitted a paper claiming they, rather than al-Sadr, now hold the biggest parliamentary bloc with 88 seats.

Parliament had been due to elect a speaker and two deputies during its first meeting.

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