Flash Floods hit Erbil, Northern Iraq

Erbil experienced flash floods again on Thursday (January 13) due to heavy rainfall that started late Wednesday night.

The neighborhoods of Shari Mamostayan, Sheikh Ahmad, and Shorsh all experienced floods.

Ainkawa, 60 Meter Road, 100 Meter Road, Hawleri New, Tayrawa, Bahrka, Sebardan, Nusaran, and Gulan also dealt with a heavy inundation of water.

The road in front of the Council of Ministers building in Erbil was flooded as well.

The Erbil Traffic Directorate has asked drivers to take alternate roads.

Omed Khoshnaw, the governor of Erbil province, has announced schools will close for the day due to the heavy rain and exams will be delayed.

The poor drainage in Erbil city is considered the main cause of flooding, which causes damage and difficulties in transportation.

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