Iraqi intelligence destroys 3 ISIS hideouts in ِAl-Anbar desert

The Security Media Cell (SMC) reported on Thursday, the destruction of three ISIS hideouts deep in the Anbar desert

The SMC said, in a statement received by “Al-Ghadeer”, that “the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior continues its preemptive qualitative operations, and according to the confessions of one of the arrested terrorists and the evidence, the agency was able to destroy three ISIS hideouts that were used as a haven for ISIS elements and a warehouse for logistical support.” of foodstuffs, spare tires, and a gas station.”

SMC added: “Where it was destroyed, it was as follows:

1- Destruction of a hideout in the Ma’il Al-Qadh area, a distance of 100 km deep in the desert. It consisted of four rooms, a hall, a kitchen, and kitchen materials that were built inside the mountain to be the central den for them.

2- Destruction of a hideout in the Jalabat area, 150 km into the depth of the desert, which is a warehouse for logistical support of food materials and a fuel station consisting of drums of gasoline and fat, from which terrorist elements, gas cylinders, and backup materials are supplied, as they were destroyed.

3- Destruction of a hideout that was established to be a haven for the presence of terrorist elements in the Jalabat area, containing foodstuffs, medical materials, and sleeping mats, along with two explosive devices, which was destroyed and treated by the agency’s men.

4- Destroying a vehicle that ISIS members used to hide the kidnapped and interrogated inside it in the area of ​​the bumps in Wadi Atbel.

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