Serbian president: West fighting world war against Russia via Ukrainians

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has accused the West of fighting a world war against Russia by means of Ukrainians.

In a TV interview, Vucic said the Ukraine conflict is a global one as the entire western world is fighting against Russia via Ukrainians.

“The entire Western world is fighting against Russia via Ukrainians. It is a global conflict,” Vucic told independent Serbian TV channel Pink.

He stressed that all the talks that it is a regional or a local conflict must be stopped.

“We should understand that amid the world war, all the talks that it’s a regional or a local war must be dropped,” he said, according to Russia’s state-run news agency TASS.

The Serbian leader also warned that the situation in Ukraine is also affecting the Balkans.

Serbia is currently in a difficult position because of the pressure to join the West in slapping sanctions on Moscow, he noted.

“Many EU countries are in a direct war against Russia. They send howitzers, planes, S-300s to Ukraine, and how do you think they will treat us? They are not in our shoes as we are not in theirs, and that is why our position is extremely difficult. Will it be easier? Well, it won’t,” Vucic said.

He, however, vowed that Serbia will spare no effort to preserve peace in the region.

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