Yemen: Ansarullah warns Arabs of disastrous consequences of Biden visit

Yemen’s popular Anasrullah resistance movement has strongly denounced US President Joe Biden’s trip to West Asia, stating the visit aimed to push for further normalization of diplomatic ties between Israel and Arab countries.

“We strongly condemn the American president’s visit of to the Israeli-occupied territories and Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this trip is to serve Washington and Tel Aviv at the expense of regional security and stability,” the political bureau of Ansarullah said in a statement released on Saturday.

It added that the regional tour is taking place within the context of depriving regional nations of their right to freedom, independence and stability.

“The visit is being conducted in the form of a series of normalization stages with the Zionist regime, and is seen as a betrayal to Palestinians and the Palestinian cause,” the statement noted.

It described the consequences of normalization with Israel as calamitous, stating that the Arab countries involved in the process have distanced themselves from their own nations as well as the Palestinian issue.

“The purpose of Biden’s trip is to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli enemy, irrespective of vehement opposition from the Saudi nation,” the Yemeni resistance movement highlighted.

“The visit is taking place while the Saudi regime does not allow Muslims to make the trip to Mecca to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Riyadh shuts the door in Muslims’ face, while it welcomes Biden with open arms,” Ansarullah’s political office argued.

The Yemeni resistance movement also said, “These stepped-up normalization attempts will put the entire Muslim society at danger if no concrete action is taken. We call on all Arab and Muslim nations to condemn Biden’s regional trip as well as its disastrous outcome, and reject all measures of vassal Arab regimes.

“We declare our full support for our Palestinian brethren, all freedom-loving people of the region, and the Axis of Resistance,” Ansarullah concluded.

‘Yemen will accept nothing other than immediate end to Saudi-led war, crippling siege’

Meanwhile, a senior member of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council has roundly dismissed Biden’s latest remarks on the UN-mediated truce extension in Yemen, stressing that the Yemeni nation does not accept anything other than immediate cessation of Saudi-led hostilities and brutal siege against their homeland.

“You can make decisions about whatever you wish to do. We all have the right to make decisions about our own affairs, and you are well aware of it,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi wrote in a post published on his Twitter page.

Biden said in Jeddah on Friday that Saudi Arabia had committed to extending and strengthening a UN-mediated truce in Yemen.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, the spokesman for the Ansarullah movement, also underlined that there will be no stability in the region unless peace and security prevail across Yemen.

“Peace in Yemen can only be achieved through full cessation of aggression, total withdrawal of foreign forces, complete removal of the blockade and release of all prisoners,” Abdulsalam tweeted.

He emphasized that any action not aimed at establishment of durable peace is insignificant and of no value.

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