Angry protesters vow to close the Turkish consulate in Basra, Najaf and Karbala

Angry protesters vowed on Wednesday to close the Turkish consulate in Basra province.

Al-Ghadeer correspondent said that a number of angry protesters threatened to close the Turkish consulate building in Basra, in protest against the repeated Turkish violations of the sovereignty of Iraqi lands, the latest of which was the bombing of a tourist resort in Dohuk governorate, killing 8 citizens and wounding 23 others.

Our anchors in Karbala added about the closure of the Turkish visa application center in the governorate

Earlier, a security source reported, today, Wednesday, that the Turkish bombed the Barkh resort in Zakho in Dohuk, and the source stated in an interview with “Al-Ghadir” that “8 martyrs and 10 were injured in Turkish artillery shelling targeting Barkh tourist resort in Zakho district in Dohuk governorate.” .

The director of Asayish Darkar, Nechirvan Khalil in Zakho, said that “the number of victims as a result of the Turkish bombardment has risen to at least 14, including martyrs and wounded, as an initial toll that can rise.”

Khalil added that “most of the victims are women and children, and the process of rescuing them and transferring them to the hospital is still going on.”

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