The coordination framework calls for a peaceful demonstration in defense of the judiciary, the constitution, the state and its legitimacy

Today, Saturday, the coordination framework refused to storm the parliament building and threaten the judiciary, calling at the same time for a peaceful demonstration that defends the state and its legitimacy.

Al-Attar said in a statement that Al-Ghadeer received a copy of it: “We are following with great concern the unfortunate events taking place in the capital, Baghdad, during these days, especially the encroachment on constitutional institutions, the storming of the parliament, the threat to attack the judiciary and attacking official headquarters and security services.”

He added: “While we recommend restraint and the utmost degree of patience and readiness, we call upon the masses of the Iraqi people who believe in the law, the constitution and constitutional legitimacy to demonstrate peacefully in defense of the state, its legitimacy and its institutions, foremost of which is the judicial and legislative authority, and to stand in the face of this dangerous transgression and departure from the law, norms and Sharia.”

He continued, “We also hold the political parties behind this escalation and transgression against the state and its institutions, we hold them fully responsible for what civil peace may be exposed to as a result of these illegal acts.”

The framework concluded its statement by saying: “The state, its legitimacy, its constitutional institutions, and civil peace are a red line for all Iraqis to prepare to defend it in all possible peaceful ways.”

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