Iran Intel Ministry arrests 10 Daesh terrorists plotting attacks in Muharram

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says it has identified and arrested 10 members of a Daesh Takfiri terrorist group that aimed to conduct acts of terror across the country during the mourning month of Muharram.

The ministry made the announcement in a statement on Thursday, saying the “Takfiri-Zionist” outfit had plans to carry out several terrorist operations during the mass mourning ceremonies to commemorate Muharram and the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam.

According to the statement, the Israeli regime tried to use Daesh Takfiris for terrorist operations in the mourning gatherings of Imam Hussein (AS) but the Intelligence Ministry managed to arrest 10 members of the group in the western and southern regions across the country.

The ministry said it discovered and confiscated the terrorist group’s cache of explosive equipment, communication devices and weapons, adding that two of the Iranian security forces had sustained injuries in fire exchanges with the Takfiris.

The ministry called on the public to be more vigilant against such terrorist plots in ongoing mourning ceremonies for Muharram, and warned that the occupying Israeli regime and its Daesh Takfiri mercenaries would be given a “crushing” response for their attempted acts of terror.

Last week, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said an espionage team affiliated with the Israeli regime’s spy agency Mossad, which was recently dismantled before it could carry out acts of sabotage in the country, had plans to blow up a sensitive defense facility.

The ministry announced that the team belonging to the notorious anti-Iran Komala terrorist group had worked out the most intricate methods in order to geographically locate the target site, and destroy it through an enormous explosion.

The ministry added that the terrorists, who were in contact with Mossad agents through one of the neighboring countries, had entered Iran from the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib said the Islamic Republic has carried out “a number of successful operations” against Israel in recent months, besides thwarting several conspiracies hatched by the occupying Tel Aviv regime and anti-Iran terrorist groups.

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