Iraq | Soil collapse over a religious shrine in Karbala (Pictures)

Al-Ghadeer publishes the details of the collapse of a sand hill, today, Saturday, over the Qattara shrine of Imam Ali “peace be upon him” in the holy Karbala.

Our correspondent in Karbala said that the collapse of a sand hill occurred above the Qattara shrine of Imam Ali “peace be upon him” in the holy province of Karbala.

He continued, “Civil defense teams are present in the place in order to rescue some trapped inside the shrine,” noting that “the civil defense teams are continuing until they are sure that the shrine is free of any visitors.”

Al-Ghadeer’s camera documented the scenes of the collapse of the soil, and the footage shows the collapse of the soil above the left side of the dome, causing a large crack in the ceiling of the shrine.”

The Directorate of Civil Defense in Karbala governorate issued a clarification about the collapse in the Qattara shrine of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in the west of the governorate.

The director of the directorate, Brigadier General Taher Al-Zubaidi, told the official news agency: “A great collapse occurred in the Qattara shrine of Imam Ali, west of Karbala.”

He added, “There are a number of visitors under the rubble, some of them alive, and we are communicating with them to follow up on their health status.”

He pointed out that “the civil defense teams are continuing to rescue the visitors who are still under the rubble and we are trying to reach them through small holes in the large collapsed concrete blocks, pointing out that the large mechanisms are unable to reach the scene of the accident and that the rescue process is still manual.”

A security source had told Al-Ghadeer that the detainees, two children, two women and two workers, were shouting distress.

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