UK deputy ambassador expresses concern over recent developments in Baghdad

The deputy UK ambassador to Baghdad, James Downer, on Monday expressed concern over the recent escalation that took place in several Iraqi governorates today.

Downer said in a statement, “The UK is deeply concerned by today’s events, in particular reports of casualties in Baghdad. We urge those on the streets to refrain from violence. Any protests must remain peaceful.

“Iraqis do not deserve to have their country dragged into violence. Iraqis need functioning institutions in order to act to address the challenges they face and to deliver the services upon which they depend. We call on all protesters to refrain from incursions into government buildings”, he indicated.

He added, “The legitimate security forces of the state are the only ones who can ensure the safety of protesters and the integrity of government buildings. We call for their response to be proportionate. We call on all sides to prioritise dialogue in pursuit of a peaceful, legal, and inclusive solution for the sake of the Iraqi people.”

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