The speech of the President of the Republic regarding the recent events in Iraq

On Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, called on the leaders of the coordination framework to communicate with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to calm the souls and come up with a political solution that addresses the issue of early elections and the management of the coming period.

In a speech on the recent events, the President of the Republic said, “Yesterday’s scenes shook the souls of all Iraqis, hurt their feelings, and wrung their hearts with grief, and we have to admit that the political system and constitutional institutions were unable to avoid what happened.”

He added, “The position of His Eminence, Muqtada al-Sadr, to stop the violent incidents, is a responsible, courageous, and keen stance on the homeland, which is highly appreciated by the Iraqis.

He added, “The end of violence, clashes, and shooting is necessary and important to spare the blood of Iraqis, but it does not mean the end of the political crisis that has been in the country for months… and what we have witnessed is not only an immediate crisis but a deep crisis linked to the system of governance and its inability.”

He pointed out that “the recent elections did not achieve what the citizen hoped for and faced many problems and challenges… the delay in meeting the constitutional deadlines and forming a new government, and the issue of the resignation of the Sadrist bloc that won the elections, and its grave political and social effects.”

He stressed that “the silent majority that boycotted the last elections, which constituted more than half of the Iraqi electorate, is a wake-up call and a punishment for the political performance… We must stop and think a lot… The elections in the end are not an end in themselves, but rather a means and a peaceful path that guarantees the broad participation of Iraqis in renewing their choices and achieving their aspirations for reform.

He added, “Having new, early elections in accordance with a national understanding represents a way out of the stifling crisis in the country instead of political squabbling or confrontation and strife… and that it guarantees political and social stability and responds to the aspirations of Iraqis, and there is no inevitable after today to embark on real reforms, and there is definitely no more important position or position.” It is in the interest of the country, and the most important thing is to fundamentally reform the situation to stop the cycle of crises.”

The President of the Republic considered that “the quotas that refuse to leave our reality represents dangerous forms and an obstacle to achieving good governance, as it is the most prominent cause of bleeding in our country, and it even deepens the absence of a comprehensive national identity in favor of subsidiary identities that have plunged the country and its citizens into sectarian, sectarian and ethnic tensions.”

He pointed out that “the continuation of the current situation will enable corruption more…this cancer that threatens the entity of the state, impedes the chances of our country’s progress and shackles our nation’s capabilities to transfer our people to another level…and the issues of corruption and conspiracy against the state’s capabilities that have recently appeared to public opinion are only an indication of The real catastrophe, and certainly requires serious legal follow-up.”

He continued, “There is a need for constitutional amendments that must be initiated in the coming period, and through constitutional and legal mechanisms, for clauses that we have all seen as responsible for persistent problems… clauses that perpetuate crises instead of solving them, and spread distances instead of bringing them closer.”

In a second file, he pointed out that “the crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region has also become unacceptable, and it has cost the country a lot and has brought us to this critical moment, where we are facing its consequences today because of the procrastination and deportation of problems… A serious dialogue must be launched between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government that puts forward radical and permanent solutions.” No prosthetics.”

He called on the leaders of the coordination framework to communicate with His Eminence Al-Sadr to calm the souls and to come up with this national dialogue with a decisive political solution that addresses the issue of early new elections, the formation of the government, and the management of the coming period.

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