Theft of the century | PM Al-Sudani announces the recovery of stolen 182 Billion dinars from tax secretariats

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, announced on Sunday, the recovery of 182 billion Iraqi dinars ($125 Million), as part of the stolen tax secretariats, which were known as the “theft of the century.”

Al-Sudani said, in a press conference, followed by Al-Ghadeer News, that “the competent authorities managed to recover the first batch of more than 182 billion dinars, and that an investigative committee was formed to audit the instruments disbursed from the tax secretariats.”

He added, “The investigation committee pointed out the violations and negligence in facilitating the seizure of trust funds, and there are bodies within the Tax Authority and other supervisory and responsible parties that facilitated the theft of trusts,” pledging to “announce the parties that facilitated the theft of trusts after completing the investigations.”

PM continued: “We will not exclude any party involved in the theft of safe deposits, and there are investigative committees that have reached a conclusion that 114 checks have been paid to the accused, Nour Zuhair, with a total amount of more than one trillion dinars.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that “the managing director of the Badia Al-Masar company is called Abd Al-Mahdi Tawfiq and its accused owner, Abd Al-Rahman Muhammad Ibrahim,” pointing out that “66 checks have been disbursed for a total amount of 982 billion dinars ($675 Million)  to the (Humpback Whale) company to its fugitive managing director Abd Al-Mahdi Tawfiq and its accused owner, Qassem Muhammad.”.

The Prime Minister stated, “The money spent amounts to three trillion and 754 billion and 642 million and 664 thousand dinars ($2.6 Billion),” calling on the defendants against whom arrest warrants were issued to “surrender themselves and hand over the stolen sums, and work will be done with the judiciary to assist them in accordance with the law.”

In conclusion, Al-Sudani asked the Director General of Al-Rafidain Bank to receive the refund amount from the tax secretariats.

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