Parliamentary Legal Committee: This is how the Parliament deals with the budget during its legislative recess

The Parliamentary Legal Committee settled the controversy over convening Parliament sessions upon the arrival of the draft general budget law from the government, coinciding with the start of the legislative recess on the eighth of this month.

Committee member, MP Raed Al-Maliki, stated, that “the House of Representatives will not convene in the event that the draft general budget law arrives after entering the legislative recess, unless there is an official call to hold an extraordinary session,” pointing out That “convening a single session is not enough to pass the budget law.

He added, “According to the bylaw of the Parliament, if the draft general budget law arrives before the start of the legislative recess, the House of Representatives will continue its work automatically until its approval,” noting that “the House of Representatives extended its work for one month, and the bylaw does not provide for an extension for another additional month after that.”

He explained, “The House of Representatives has the right to extend its work, given that the legislative recess is a license granted to members of Parliament. If they want to waive it, there is nothing legally preventing that,” noting that “the constitution is strict in the issue of convening sessions, but it is not strict in extending and obstructing.”

The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided, on the eighth of last November, to extend the second legislative term / the first legislative year / the fifth electoral session, by one month, based on the provisions of Article (58 / second) of the constitution to complete a number of necessary tasks and legislation.

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