US to send more weapons to Ukraine as EU adds to arms for Kyiv

The United States has agreed to send more weapons to Ukraine as the European Union is to add 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) to a fund used to help arm Kyiv.

Washington is to officially announce on Friday its decision to send another arms package to Kyiv, which will include anti-drone and air defense systems, Reuters reported.

The aid package which will reportedly include, rockets for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), 155mm ammunition, Humvee vehicles, and generators, is estimated to be worth $275 million.

However, the contents and the size of the weapons consignment may change before it is approved by US President Joe Biden.

According to the US Department of Defense, the top priority for Ukraine is supporting Kyiv with air defense systems as Russia targets the country’s energy infrastructure.

Moscow targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure following what was described as Kyiv’s “terrorist attacks” on Russian structures, including the strategic Crimea Bridge.

The strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure were intended to degrade Kyiv’s ability to transport troops, and Western-supplied weapons and equipment to the battlefield by rail, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, since the start of the Ukraine conflict in late February, the US has sent more than $19 billion worth of weapons to Kyiv.

In related news on Friday, the European Union announced its decision to add 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) to a fund used to help arm Ukraine.

Diplomats said a preliminary agreement had been struck among the 27-member bloc to bolster the European Peace Facility, which has already sent over 3 billion euros of weaponry to Kyiv.

EU foreign ministers are expected to officially sign off on the move during a meeting in Brussels on Monday. However, diplomats said a separate standoff with Hungary over its own frozen EU funds could see Budapest delay approval.

So far, the European Union member states have sent about 8 billion euros worth of weapons to Ukraine, which is less than half the amount the United States has given.

In the meantime, Moscow has repeatedly warned Western countries against supplying weapons to Kyiv, saying more weapons to Ukraine not only prolongs the conflict but also, risks crossing Russia’s “red lines,” and could lead to their direct involvement in the conflict. Washington and its allies, however, continue to send weapons to Kyiv, arguing that they are not a party to the hostilities.

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