PM Al-Sudani: We extend our hand to our neighbors

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, made a speech during the Arab-China Summit in Riyadh on Friday.

Al-Sudani said, “I would like to applaud the holding of such a summit, which reflects a profound understanding of the international scene so that we can adopt a balanced and integrated foreign policy that serves the interests of our peoples, and states and enhances stability and prosperity.”

“Iraq supports all efforts aimed at strengthening relations of cooperation and friendship between the Arab States and China.

He added, “This summit is an opportunity for economic integration in our region by strengthening cooperation with China and benefiting from Chinese expertise in various fields, particularly in combating poverty and epidemics, agriculture development in salt water, and efforts to combat desertification.”

He pointed out, “Iraq and China have long-standing relations that have been given significant attention and have seen remarkable development over the past years, officially and socially”, noting “Iraq looks forward to strengthening partnerships within the Belt and Road Initiative and in investment, energy, and infrastructure projects.”

“Our actions in the next stage will focus on several areas are, first: Developing the economy and providing services. And I invite you today to open up the economy to Iraq, as it represents a promising environment for investment and has substantial elements for success represented in human and natural resources.”

The Prime Minister said, “Second, Iraq will not be a base or a corridor for aggression against neighboring countries, and we reject, at the same time, all acts of aggression on our territories; All sides must respect the sovereignty of Iraq.”

“Our country suffered from terrorist attacks that threatened the entire world. However, the Iraqis stood and defended themselves, the region, and the whole world. They made great sacrifices and achieved victory. We know that the region’s countries and the world will not forget our great battle and will stand with us in our rebuilding efforts out of gratitude and loyalty.”

“Third, Our region is the heart of the world and the link between the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe and has a prominent strategic status in the field of energy. Iraq is the historical and cultural heart of this region and is among the most important oil-exporting countries in the world”, he said.

“Therefore, we reiterate that we care about the stability of the global economic system through our role as a founding member of OPEC, and we seek, with our partners, to achieve stability in oil production and prices in a way that achieves balanced interests of both producers and consumers. We must emphasize Iraq’s firm and principled commitment and support for the Palestinian people in defending their right to have a national state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.”

He concluded, “We extend our hand to our brothers, neighbors, and friends, and we cherish our continued relations with the countries of the West and the East on the basis of common interests.”

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