PM from Baghdad II conference: Iraq committed to building balanced relations with all partners

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani said that his country seeks to promote dialogue between the countries of the region and a calm foreign policy that shuns violence and conflicts.

Al-Sudani’s remarks came during a speech he delivered before the Arab and world leaders attending the Baghdad II conference in Jordan’s Dead Sea earlier today, Tuesday.

“We consider environmental pollution – whether in the air, water, or soil – as one of the most critical risks to the future of our people, especially in the southern regions. We have begun diligent work to address the burning of associated gas in the oil fields,” he said, “we call on international companies to invest in this field to transform the use of this vital source of energy to generate electricity in an effort to achieve self-sufficiency in the use of gas to generate electricity in the medium term and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.”

“Iraq is committed to building balanced relations of cooperation with all regional and international partners, and it distances itself from the policy of alignments and axes and the atmosphere of escalation,” the prime minister added, “Iraq seeks a policy of calm and reducing tensions; At the same time, Iraq rejects interference in its internal affairs, violating its sovereignty, or attacking its territories.”

“The use of force cannot be adopted to resolve disagreements or differences; We do not allow this approach to be used against Iraq, and we do not allow any threat from Iraqi land against the neighboring countries or the region.”

“Our duty is to adopt the principle of dialogue and understanding to solve our problems and build on what brings us together to establish comprehensive regional partnerships, maximize interdependence between our countries, and establish stability and prosperity in the region.”

“Iraq seeks to be a sponsor of communication and dialogue as the medium for resolving differences, aiming to calm the atmosphere and converging viewpoints, and strengthening our diplomatic efforts to defuse regional crises,” he concluded.

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