France’s President: supporting Iraq’s sovereignty is essential in the region

On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron met King Abdullah II of Jordan on the sidelines of the 2nd Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership in Amman.

The Jordanian media reported that both sides discussed bilateral relations and regional and international developments, including the challenges in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and the Palestinian cause.

King Abdullah II thanked the French side for its effort to address the regional problems.

Macron also praised Amman for holding the Conference, “You have proven that you are capable of organizing the meeting in a short time and bringing all countries to the dialogue table to discuss regional issues and support Iraq’s sovereignty and aspirations.”

Yesterday, Arabs and European leaders gathered in Jordan Tuesday in the Baghdad conference for “bolstering security and stability in Iraq.”

The meeting included high-level officials from regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, along with leaders from France, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and the European Union. The countries said the goal was to show “support for Iraq, its sovereignty, security, and stability, as well as its political process, economic and development progress, and efforts to rebuild.”

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