PM says his government has “clear-cut” solutions to the financial crisis

Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani on Tuesday said that his government’s program includes “clear-cut and serious” solutions for the currency crisis in the country.

Al-Sudani’s remarks came during a meeting with the head of al-Wataniya Coalition, Ayad Allawi, in Baghdad earlier today.

According to a readout by his bureau, al-Sudani discussed with his guest the latest updates on the situation in Iraq and the Middle East, the financial meltdown in the country, and its impact on the people’s living conditions.

Prime Minister al-Sudani assured Allawi that the government program of his cabinet details “clear-cut and serious” solutions for the US dollar exchange rate fluctuations.

Allawi, according to the readout, reiterated his commitment to backing al-sudani’s cabinet in its quest to implement its vision and provide services to the Iraqi people.

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