Zarif: B-Team, not Trump, wants war with Iran


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the B team was close to implicating US President Donald Trump in the war.

Zarif’s reference to the telephone call was Saudi Arabia’s contact with elements of the terrorist “creation” group, which confirmed their cooperation in the case of the tanker bombing off Fujairah in the UAE.

In this phone call, official member and official of the terrorist unit of the “Khalk” terrorist group Shahram Vakhta speaks with another element of the US-based group, Hussein Da’i al-Islam.

In a telephone conversation, Fakhteh referred to Saudi Arabia’s contact with the office of the group’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, and asked the Islamic leader about how to coordinate the group and Saudi Arabia to provoke the atmosphere against Iran following the attack on oil tankers in the region. “All our efforts last week were focused on accusing the regime, Iran), and the Saudis are following the results in contact with the office of Sister Mary, what are the axes that we refer to the outcome of the measures and possible repercussions?

“I think it could have different consequences, from raising the file to the Security Council until military intervention or anything else,” said Da’i al-Islam.

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