Iraq’s premier invites Turkish businesses to relocate to the industrial zone near al-Faw port

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani on Wednesday invited Turkish businesspersons to relocate their industrial and commercial activities to the industrial city adjacent to Basra’s al-Faw port in southern Iraq.

According to a statement issued by his bureau, al-Sudani met this morning with a group of Turkish businessmen, investors, and representatives of unions and the private sector in Ankara, in the presence of Turkish Trade Minister Mohammad Mosh.

The prime minister informed the attendees about the deals the Iraqi delegation sealed during its visit, expressing a genuine desire to advance the two countries’ ties in all areas.

Al-Sudani highlighted his government’s priorities, including the service sector, housing, transportation, school construction, and joint operation of hospitals in partnership with the private sector.

He called on Turkish business people to contribute to the promising infrastructure projects and investment opportunities in Iraq.

The premier said that his government’s decision to adopt a three-year budget would provide facilities to financing companies and ease the implementation of projects. He also highlighted the government measures to encourage the investment environment in Iraq and eliminate bureaucracy, red tape, and corruption.

Al-Sudani attached importance to the Development Road project, which consulting studies indicate its capacity to become a major transport corridor for goods and energy in the coming years, stressing that al-Faw port project is witnessing parallel implementation of detailed and supportive projects, in addition to the main project.

The prime minister called on Turkish business people to relocate their industrial and commercial activities to the industrial city near the port to facilitate their contribution to this promising economic path, and to be a catalyst for the growth of the two countries’ economies

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