Two shot dead in Germany’s Hamburg in second deadly shooting this month

At least two people have been killed in a shooting in the port city of Hamburg, police said, in the second deadly shooting in the city this month.

According to Press TV, the prosecutor’s office in Hamburg said one of the dead people was believed to be the alleged shooter.

It is believed that the shooter fired several shots at the other man, before pointing the gun toward him.

The German police said on Sunday that the operation had been concluded, the initial responses had been recorded and they were now investigating the matter.

The police were called shortly before midnight to the scene of the shooting in the city’s Langenhorn district, and more than two dozen vehicles attended the scene, according to Germany’s Bild newspaper.

At least 28 emergency vehicles were deployed at the scene of the murder, the media said.

Being succumbed to their gunshot wounds, the two dead men were discovered by the officers on a pathway between the two apartment buildings.

The Hamburg shootings come as the second shooting in a month, as on 10 March, a person armed with a semi-automatic pistol took the lives of six people and later turned the gun on himself.

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