Iraq seeks to benefit from Japanese expertise in infrastructure development

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani on Monday said Iraq seeks to benefit from the expertise of Japanese companies and their practices in developing Iraq’s infrastructure.

Those remarks were made during his meeting with the Japanese Ambassador to Iraq, Futoshi Matsumoto.

The Japanese diplomat, according to a readout by al-Sudani’s bureau, was accompanied by the authorized director of Toyota Iraq, Yutaki Izaki, and the president of Sumitomo in the Middle East, Hajime Mori.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed bilateral relations between the two countries and discussed ways to enhance cooperation in various economic and developmental fields.

The prime minister capitalized the government’s interest in the distinguished relations between Iraq and Japan, stating, “We are moving towards benefiting from the expertise of Japanese companies and their practices in developing Iraq’s infrastructure and expanding the range of services provided to citizens and improving them.”

Al-Sudani expressed Iraq’s aspiration to strengthen the training and qualification experience for Iraqi sectors in cooperation with Japanese institutions and companies to gain expertise and open up investment opportunities.

Al-Sudani explained that the government program relies on the role of the private sector and its support to achieve sustainable development and create job opportunities, adding, “partnership with Japanese entities will be a positive cornerstone in achieving these aspirations.”

In response, the Japanese Ambassador affirmed his country’s desire, along with its major industrial and economic institutions, to enhance joint cooperation and expand exchanges with Iraq in various fields.

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