PM Visits One Of The Farms In Wasit, briefed On Harvesting Operations, And Talks To A Group Of Farmers

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, visited today, Wednesday, one of the farms of Wasit Governorate, and was briefed on the farmers’ harvesting of wheat and barley crops, as part of his visit to the governorate today.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office stated, “Al-Sudani stressed the importance of using modern technologies in irrigation to save water,” stressing that “there is a previous directive for governors to limit the needs of their provinces for sprinklers, and the numbers of farmers willing to use them,” stressing that “the next agricultural plan will include only the lands of farmers who use modern sprinklers,” indicated that “the allocated loans and facilities, without interest, would facilitate the work of farmers.”

The statement added, “The Prime Minister was briefed on the problem of providing fuel to farms, and directed measures to be taken to overcome this obstacle, and to provide fuel depending on the agricultural plan approved in the Wasit Agriculture Directorate. He also listened to the problem of providing drinking water to remote areas, and the importance of making efforts to provide it to all villages”

He renewed, “emphasis on supporting poultry and livestock projects, provided that prices are maintained and the Iraqi citizen is not burdened,” noting that “some manipulated prices by bringing products from abroad and marketing them as Iraqi products, and they were confronted legally.”

For their part, the farmers pledged to “work to increase production and make efforts towards agriculture with higher productivity and more variety, and in accordance with the plans drawn up by the government in this aspect.”

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