Iraq set to become gas exporter in 3-5 years – PM

In a recent televised interview, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani projected that Iraq will transition from being one of the world’s leading gas-flaring countries to becoming a gas exporter within the next 3-5 years.

The Prime Minister’s statement, broadcast by Al-Ula channel and recapitulated by his media office, comes as the country makes strides in its efforts to utilize its gas resources more effectively.

Al-Sudani cited the fifth round of gas project licenses, Total’s project, and the sixth round of projects as key factors that will propel Iraq towards self-sufficiency and gas exportation.

He further emphasized the strategic objectives of his government, which include the “Development Road, Faw Port, and the Industrial City.” Turkey, he noted, is particularly enthusiastic about the Development Road project, as it will connect Iraqi ports to Turkey and subsequently Europe, with the potential for a network of roads, rail connections, and transit transport in the region.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that an Italian consultant has been tasked with preparing designs for oil and gas transmission lines alongside land routes and railway tracks from Faw Port to Turkey.

He praised Germany’s swift allocation of resources for contracts with Siemens, which in turn reduced maintenance costs by 30% due to the credibility of the process.

Regarding the federal budget law, al-Sudani explained that the government had reached an understanding with most political powers and that there was a consensus on the importance of passing the budget law. He added that many parliamentarians were keen on ensuring the success of the three-year budget.

Al-Sudani expressed his belief that the time for reform has arrived and that all parties should work together for the government’s success, as it signifies the success of the state’s administration. He asserted that six months is an adequate period for the evaluation and diagnosis of challenges.

On a separate note, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of monitoring the performance of ministries and governors, granting authorities, and following up on execution. He affirmed that all cabinet decisions are being implemented by a dedicated team. Al-Sudani acknowledged the existence of partisan interests but noted that limits have been imposed on such practices, with dialogue being adopted to clarify their inacceptability.

He asserted that ministerial amendments fall under the Prime Minister’s purview and that he is determined to exercise his constitutional authority, emphasizing that the matter is not subject to whim.

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