Tharthar Dam’s Water Reserves Reach Unprecedented Levels Despite Drought in Iraq

The Water Resources Department in Saladin Governorate announced that the water reserves of the Tharthar Dam have risen at an unprecedented rate in three years due to heavy rains and torrents from the top Zab rivers and the lower Zab towards the dam.

The department director, Bassam Abdel Wahid, stated that the water stock in the Tharthar Dam and all other storage sources were dedicated to drinking water and industrial water after the success of the entire winter plan due to water revenues during the winter season.

The approval of the summer agricultural plan is now dependent on the water storage and the coordination between the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources. He said.

It is worth noting that Iraq has been facing a severe drought for the past three years due to climate change, global warming, and violating the laws of countries such as Iran and Turkey, causing an increase in desertification spaces.

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