Iraq Seeks to Upgrade Healthcare Services with German Assistance

The government of Iraq held talks with representatives from the German International Cooperation Organization (GICO) and the Deputy Minister of Health of Germany to explore ways of improving collaboration in the field of healthcare between the two nations.

The meeting was presided over by Iraqi Health Minister Saleh Al-Hasnawi who presented an overview of the ministry’s goals aimed at implementing the priority of government initiatives.

He emphasized the ministry’s focus on adopting digital electronic governance and collaborating with Germany to benefit their medical technology to Iraq, particularly in the areas of health and medical devices, according to a statement released by Iraq’s Ministry of Health.

The report further stated that Al-Hasnawi also addressed the matter of managing contemporary hospitals and enhancing the capacity of Iraqi medical personnel. He also proposed organizing workshops, conferences, and scientific symposiums aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services provided to patients and visitors in health institutions.

Iraq does not have a comprehensive national healthcare insurance system in place. While the government provides some healthcare services through public hospitals and clinics, access to quality healthcare remains limited for many Iraqis, particularly those living in rural areas or displaced by conflict.

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