Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq Top the List of Arab Countries Hosting the Most Refugees

According to statistics on the number of refugees in Arab countries, Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees, followed by Jordan and Iraq.

The numbers vary among countries, depending on their location in conflict areas, their capabilities to bear the burden of refugees, and their own people’s needs.

Due to its location in a war-torn region, Lebanon has become the primary destination for refugees, with around two million Syrian refugees, of which nearly 830,000 are registered with the United Nations, and 479,537 registered Palestinian refugees, according to UNRWA.

Jordan has also absorbed waves of Syrian refugees since 2011, with 660,646 refugees registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and 2,307,011 Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA.

Iraq, on the other hand, hosts about 248,000 refugees, primarily Syrians, and Palestinian refugees, along with different nationalities.

Egypt is currently hosting around 9 million migrants and refugees, including no less than 5 million Sudanese, according to unofficial Sudanese estimates, and 53,000 refugees, according to the United Nations.

Tunisia hosts more than 9,000 registered refugees, while Algeria hosts 6,100. In Morocco, the number of refugees and asylum-seekers reached 18,877 at the end of February 2023, with Syrians comprising the largest share.

Lastly, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees registered 69,598 refugees and asylum-seekers in Mauritania, 67,622 refugees, and 1,976 asylum-seekers at the end of 2020.

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