US prepares weapons delivery for Taiwan amid tensions with China

The United States is preparing an express weapons delivery for Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), despite Bejing’s repeated warnings to Washington against arming the self-ruled island, which China considers a part of its territory.

The administration of US President Joe Biden will use the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) to expedite the arms shipment to Taiwan, Bloomberg reported.

In a report on Friday, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said the $500-million shipment would be the first time Washington has used a Ukraine-style mechanism, the emergency authority which has been used more than 35 times to provide weapons to Ukraine.

The PDA authorizes the US president to transfer articles and services from US stockpiles without congressional approval.

China has sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, and under the One China policy, almost all world countries recognize that sovereignty. The US, too, recognizes Chinese sovereignty over the island but has long courted Taipei, drawing the ire of Beijing.

Beijing has repeatedly criticized the US arms supplies and military relations with Taiwan.

Earlier on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning denounced the US provocations on Chinese Taipei and accused Washington of “turning Taiwan into a powder keg.”

“Lately the US and the Taiwan authorities have been stepping up military collusion,” the spokesperson said. “It is further proof that the US is turning Taiwan into a ‘powder keg’, which only spells trouble for our Taiwan compatriots.”

Her remarks came in response to the Taiwan-US Defense Industry Forum held in Taipei earlier in the week.

Washington has authorized multiple weapon deals with Taiwan in recent years, including a major sale of F-16 fighter jets.

“US arms sales to the Taiwan region seriously violate the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués,” Mao said, stressing that “China firmly opposes them.”

She also warned of taking “strong and resolute measures” to “firmly defend” Chinese sovereignty and security interests in the face of external forces.

“Any external forces that interfere in China’s internal affairs and undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait shall bear the consequences and pay for their erroneous acts,” she said.

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