Ukraine launches nearly a dozen drone strikes on Crimea Peninsula: Russia

Ukraine launched more than 10 drones overnight on the Crimean Peninsula, hitting Russian targets in the cities of Sevastopol and Saki, where Russia has an air base, the local governor says.

Sevastopol’s Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev reported on social media on Sunday that Kiev’s forces struck the Crimean Peninsula. As per reports, three of these hit the port of Sevastopol.

According to Press TV, Razvozhayev added that Sevastopol’s air defense systems thwarted all of the strikes.

Other places, including Sevastopol port, also came under attack, as per Ukrainian Telegram channels.

“No objects (in Sevastopol) were damaged,” Razvozhayev said on Telegram.

There were no reports of damage elsewhere on the Crimean Peninsula, as the war enters a new phase amid Ukraine’s preparations for its huge spring offensive against Russia.

In the past fortnight, Ukraine has launched an increased number of attacks against Russian areas, particularly Crimea. Ukraine claims the attacks and destruction of infrastructure are a prelude to its upcoming offensive.

Last week, at least five Russian fuel facilities close to Ukraine’s borders and in Crimea came under attack.

Kiev’s drones have even reached the Russian capital, Moscow, with two of these unmanned aircraft crashing into the Kremlin’s roof.

Meanwhile, air raid alerts blared overnight into early Sunday over nearly two-thirds of Ukraine, with officials saying a number of drones, including one over Kiev’s airspace, were shot down.

The alerts extended from the capital Kiev and regions to the west of it through to all regions in the east as well as south to Kherson region and Crimea.

The Kremlin, which vowed to take retaliatory measures against Ukraine’s attacks, has repeatedly condemned the Kiev’s forces for carrying out incessant drone strikes on the Russian territory.

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