Activists demand higher compensation payments from California task force to Black Americans

Activists have urged California state to provide millions of dollars in compensation to American Black citizens as a means of apologizing for slavery and past injustices, rejecting the state reparations task force’s proposal as inadequate.

The nine-member Reparations Task Force, established through state laws endorsed by Governor Gavin Newsom of the Democratic Party in 2020, has spent over 12 months on research while hosting sessions to listen to the public across the state.

Their efforts have culminated in a comprehensive plan on how to address various instances of racist injustices through restitution.

The panel was receiving final feedback from citizens on Saturday while examining ultimate proposals to present to the California Assembly, which will subsequently determine whether to execute the actions and forward them to Newsom’s office for endorsement.

The latest proposal came out earlier this week suggesting a total amount of $1.2 million dollars per person based on the average life expectancy.

The estimates include a loss of $2,352 for every individual annually who resides in California due to excessive policing in Black communities, a loss of $3,366 per individual annually for biased lending and zoning, a loss of $13,619 per individual annually for unfairness and prejudice in healthcare, and a loss of $77,000 per individual due to the devaluation and loss of Black-owned businesses.

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